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What is the Cover Browser?

The CJN Exclusive Cover Browser allows you to watch a series of book covers or artwork images in an automated slide show. Each slide is displayed for 10 seconds (with a tiny countdown at the top of the screen), then the screen is automatically refreshed to show the next slide in the series. The show will keep repeating itself until you click on one of the appropriate links at the top of the screen.

Available Slide Shows


Select one of the available slide shows to start the Cover Browser. While it is running, you can click on the Stop link and manually browse through the slides by clicking on the front cover (either the left image or the Next link) to see the next slide in the show, or click on the back cover (either the right image or the Previous link) to see the previous slide. Use the Book link (if available) to see the bibliographical data for the book currently being displayed. Use the Cover Browser link to return to this screen, or use the Home link to return to the Home page. To start the automated slide show again, click on Play.

Please note the Cover Browser is optimized for screens with 1024x768 resolution or better. Set your browser to Full Screen (F11 in Internet Explorer) for best results.


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