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Conspirators of Gor - Update

Conspirators of Gor - E-Reads announcement - click to see the title

(Published on Monday, July 16, 2012)

As far as we can tell, Conspirators of Gor is now readily available both in print and in ebook format. According to the E-Reads books page, the book can now be bought from:

We expect that Kobo, Sony and Fictionwise will follow shortly.

The public synopsis for this book is as follows.

The 31st volume of the series, the 7th narrative from a female viewpoint, and the 1st book written for a Gorean audience; CONSPIRATORS OF GOR follows up on the alien war between Kurii and Priest-Kings which escalated in book 28, KUR OF GOR. The leading character, a young woman by the name Allison Ashton-Baker, involved in playing Gorean games on Earth, is transported to Ar to become a major witness of the unfolding events. We meet again with Lord Grendel, the result of a failed experiment to mix the genes of humans and Kurii; the Lady Bina, former pet of Agamemnon, she who dreams of becoming Ubara of Ar; and Agamemnon himself, Eleventh face of the Nameless One, the illustrious mastermind behind the Kurrian invasion. Packed with action, and, as usual, presented with a spicy dressing of cultural relativism and critical remarks on modernity and gender relations. One word - brilliant!
From the E-Reads website, July 2012.

And this is the first customer review at Amazon.

That being said, this is an AWESOME READ for Gor fans. You might think that since the story is told it is from a female slave's point of view, that it would be FULL of the usual "Slave Girl" stuff - such as, how wonderful it is, etc, ad nauseam. I am pleased to tell you that, yes, while there is that, it is not overwhelming and doesn't dominate the entire book. Thank you John Norman. The narrator's master, Desmond of Harfax, is a most interesting character as well. I don't want to give anything away but this story is AMAZING. Yes, there is a conspiracy but when you get to the point in the book where you actual learn what's going on, it will blow you away. Some plot twists are there but the story is excellent and fits in nicely as a co-plot line to Tarl Cabot's adventures on the Pani homeland (books 29, 30). The Gorean world is about to receive the shock of its life. This is a must read.
From Amazon book page, July 2012.

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