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This section contains a working index to all articles. Some of these articles have already been published on the Chronicles of Gor website. However, from a technical viewpoint, the layout of these articles of very poor. As the CJN Development System provides a much easier maintenance interface, I have copied all the CoG articles to CJN, in order to update their layout. This section also contains some articles which could be published on CoG due to copyright or organizational issues.


All the interviews with John Norman.

Nucleus Magazine Interview by Mark Wheatley & Bill Cantey (1970)
Questar Magazine Interview by Jeffrey M. Elliot (1980)
New York Review of Science Fiction Interview by David Alexander Smith (1996)
Polygraff Magazine Interview by Polygraff Staff (2009)
IO9 Magazine Interview by Charlie Jane Anders (2011)
Mystic Radio Interview by Mystic Radio Staff (2011)   [NEW]  




All the introductions to John Norman's books written by John Norman himself.

A Stranger from a Foreign Land (2008)
The Universe is a Mysterious Place (2008)
Joy Is Enough (2008)


The letters John Norman wrote.

Jealous of the Gorean World (1988)   [NEW]  
How The Internet Can Change Lives! (2000)
A Political Statement from John Norman (2000)
Millenium Philcon (2001)
Science Fiction Is A One-Restaurant Town (2001)
The Gorean World Is What It Is (2001)
The Herd Need Not Be King (2002)
Some Remarks, Selective Interview Responses, etc. (2007)
A Welcome for the Chronicles of Gor (2007)
Some Thoughts on Violence (2008)
When Hawks are Aflight (2009)


Short stories written by John Norman.

The Bed of Cagliostro (2009)


Reviews of John Norman's work.

Algol Magazine - Slave Girls And Strategies by William Lanahan (1974)
Science Fiction Chronicle - John Norman at B. Dalton SF Festival (1981)


The following reviews of individual books were found in the IFSDB:

TopIntros by others

The introductions to John Norman's books written by others.

Tarl Cabot Through the Looking Glass, by Steven Saylor
Flight of Fantasy, by Cecilia Tan
An Introduction To Priest-Kings of Gor, by Michael Rowe
No Fantasy, Please, We're Americans, by Pat Califia

TopAs John Lange

Articles written by John F. Lange.

Welcome to the Different Department

TopFan Mail

Over the last four decades, hundreds, perhaps, even thousands, of fans have written private letters to John Norman, and most of those letters, perhaps, nearly all of them, received an answer. In other words, there are a thousand letters out there, waiting to be shared. Of course, most private letters contain private information, but John Norman's answers, usually, are more of an general kind. In any case, the story behind the letter is worth sharing, in honor of an author, who, undoubtably, also received his fair share of "hate mail".

Hence, this idea for a new sub-section of the Articles, entitled "Fan Mail". If you sent a letter to John Norman, and you received an answer, then tell us your story. When was your letter written, what was it about, when did you receive an answer, and what did John Norman say. Put in some quotes, and if needed, replace all private information by [...]. If you wish, I will publish your story anonimously, or use a pseudonym of your own choice.

Write us an email, and help us collect John Norman's Fan Mail.

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