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This statement was included with John Norman's first batch of book revisions at the start of New World Publisher's project to begin republishing his work.

During the last month of 2000, the newly enhanced first ten Gor volumes were temporarily published online at www.bookface.com, readable after a mere registration of email-address and country, and reprinted by arrangement with E-Rights/E-Reads. Each volume started with the following new foreword by Mr. Norman.

Previously published at the World of Gor Forum.

TopA Political Statement from John Norman


Rather than a few biographical remarks, John Norman has chosen to here include a political statement. Such seems to him more relevant to his personal situation, the general blacklisting, and such, than information pertaining to his age, education degrees, experiences and profession.

John Norman is apparently a controversial author, actually so, as opposed to conforming darlings of the science-fiction establishment who claim that status for PR purposes.

Mass-market science fiction publishing, rather like publishing in general in the country, is dominated by the morons of the left, who have learned nothing from the bloody history of the last eighty years, let alone its economic shambles, and the misery, torture, oppression and suffering, the personal and public hells, consequent upon the incarnation of their naivetés in the lacerated, crucified flesh of history.

Human beings can be ruthless, brutal and venal. Power is the most tempting, addictive and dangerous of all drugs. One must have institutions that protect human beings from one another, me from you, you from me, not institutions which liberate some to manage the lives of others, to rule them in the name of unilateral ideals ultimately imposed by the dogmatic, righteous steel of the bayonet.

John Norman believes in individual liberty, private property, a free market and limited government. Without private property you cannot own yourself; without a free market, with its millions of natural voluntary exchanges, sensitive to price information, technology and society stagnate; the market is a product of economic evolution, analogous to biological evolution; let liberals retire to their laboratories to design a better dog or cat, not a better market, which incorporates the intelligence and wisdom of generations, which is the emergent, systemic product of billions of self-adjusting economic experiments, successful and unsuccessful; and without limited government one is a slave of the state, a situation that is attractive only to those who expect to own you.

So, Mr. Norman is opposed to statism, authoritarianism, and collectivism; he is also opposed to egalitarianism, that pretty deal which requires for its enforcement the curtailment of liberty and the coercive power of the state, and redistributionism, which penalizes initiative, fosters sloth and institutionalizes theft.

He is thus in favor of a free world, a really free world, not a penitentiary in which the inmates are informed that they, at last, in their cells, are truly free.

It is no wonder that John Norman lacks the pack odor.

So the above are some thoughts which you might keep in mind, at least if you wish to do so, when you read the establishment critics, listen to the put-downs, hear the jokes, see who is writing the articles in encyclopedias, note who is handing out the prizes, and such.

I wish you well,
John Norman

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