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Smugglers of Gor on sale!

Smugglers of Gor - click to see the book

(Published on Monday, October 8, 2012)

Just a few hours ago, E-Reads announced that Smugglers of Gor is now becoming available. The Kindle Edition is available under ASIN B009N27RDO, the ePub Kobo version will follow shortly.

Smugglers of Gor, 32nd Novel In John Norman's Gorean Chronicles, Goes on Sale Today

Monday, October 8

After completing Conspirators of Gor, the 31st novel in his towering Gorean epic, the indefatigable John Norman elected not to take time off between books, for he was burning with a new one. So he put his head down in pursuit of Smugglers of Gor, and we are thrilled to present it to you today.

It will take a short while for the e-book uploads and print edition to make their way to all retailers, so keep your eye on this book page until the buy button for your preferred format goes live.

Norman has approached the challenge of this new work in a unique way, and we'll let him tell you about it in his own words.


This is an unusual book, having to do with alleged events on the alleged world, Gor, the Antichthon, or Counter-Earth, as it seems to have two narrators, or authors, who, as the texts will have it, see, and relate to, certain events, possibly of consequence to the fate of worlds. It may be recalled that the great ship of Tersites, to the best of our knowledge, was the first ship to successfully negotiate Thassa, the sea, in a voyage which led to the World's End, an unusual gaming board on which two, from the human point of view, alien species may be gambling for a world, the pieces being men. In this book, which, in its way, constitutes a prequel to MARINERS OF GOR, we learn that a mysterious cargo, suitably disguised, was covertly placed on the great ship, a cargo which might influence the outcome of the aforementioned gamble, or wager. One narrator is a young woman, once a Miss Margaret Alyssa Cameron, and the other is an individual whose name, for reasons which will become obvious, is withheld in the manuscript. It does seem clear, however, that the individual referred to was somehow instrumental in bringing the former Miss Cameron to the height of a large slave block in the coastal city of Brundisium, one of Gor's major ports.

John Norman


If you haven't caught up to all the books in the Gorean world, visit Norman's author page and immerse yourself in a saga like none other.

E-Reads website at ereads.com

This is also a great opporunity to visit the new and updated Ereads.com website, to see what else they have in store.

As mentioned a week ago, John Norman has signed five copies of the print edition, and they were scheduled to be given away last week, during a giveaway managed by Goodreads.com, the largest website for readers and book recommendations in the world. However, due to some technical circomstances, the giveaway has been postponed.

We will update you when the giveaway is about to occur, so come back often!

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