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Thirty-Two Shades of Gor

(Published on Monday, November 12, 2012)

Who are the Gor fans?

In 1980, John Norman thought that "[...] many women are avid fans of the Gorean series. Indeed, I think one of the contributions, not likely to be acknowledged, which the Gorean books have made commercially to the science-fiction field is that they have helped to open it up to female interest." (here)

In 1996, he added that "the only market research with which I am familiar suggests that 60 percent of the Gorean readers are women." (here)

Today, we have no idea how many of John Norman's readers are female, and how many are male. In fact, asking for gender prior to a digital download would probably be considered being on the verge of discriminatory.

However, when a Smugglers of Gor give-away was organized, it suddenly became possible to do some gender related fan research. Here are the results.

Give-away Winners - Click to enlarge Give-away Contestants - Click to enlarge

Mr. Norman surely knows his fans better then many other authors, and one shouldn't be surprised if a next Gor book is again written from a female point of view, and centered around dominance/submission based relationships.

Thirty-Two Shades of Gor - Click to enlarge Over the last half century, every dozen years, or so, it seems, this D/S theme gets reinvented, and blown up into a massive popular media hype. Examples? Story of O (book 1954 / movie 1975). 9 1/2 weeks (book 1993 / movie 1986). The Secretary (book 1988 / movie 2002). And presumably Shades of Gray (book 2011 / movie 2013).

But there is an author who has been writing about these kind of relationships for more then 45 years!

So if you've read the three shades of grey, and found them a wee bit disappointing, perhaps you should give Dancer a (second) try, and before you know it, you'll find yourself (once more) enchanted by the thirty-two shades of Gor!

PS. If you like my new Gor cover, go head and copy&paste it where ever you want. I hereby donate this original satirical work to the public domain.

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