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Tarnsman of Gor - Second Canadian Printing

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The Strange History of Counter-Earth
Copyright 1966 by John Lange

Published by Ballantine Books, Inc., New York

Second Canadian Printing - 1973 (January, 1973)


Format: Paperback | (eBook) | (Audio Book) | (Current)
  Argentinian   Czech   Dutch   English   French   German   Italian   Japanese   Russian   Spanish   USA
US 0.95 | 219 pages | 11 x 18 cm
Coverart by Robert Foster

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We know this printing exists, based upon information on the copyright page of the Sixth Printing of the Ballantine Edition of Tarnsman of Gor, but we haven't been able to find it yet..

TopContent Version

This is the original version of the story of Tarnsman of Gor. In September 2000, in an open letter to Gor fans, entitled "How The Internet Can Change Lives!", John Norman anncounced that electronic publishing had given him the opportunity to revise, enlarge and improve the books, some more than others. As to Tarnsman of Gor, the changes were minimal, and only a few minor typos were corrected. This new enhanced version was first published in paperback format in January, 2001, by New World Publishers (here). However, due to the digital scanning process some new typos were introducted in this enhanced edition. So in June, 2007, E-Reads, Ltd., New York released a newly edited and corrected version of the story (here). The most current version of story of Tarnsman of Gor is the Second Printing of the E-Reads Edition published in March, 2013 (here).

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BALLANTINE BOOKS is proud to publish, for the very first time, the original account of the adventures of Tarl Cabot, sometime minor lecturer of Earth, destined to become a fiery fighting Tarnsman on the planet Gor, known also as Counter-Earth.

TARNSMAN OF GOR is a first novel - the first of a series. JOHN NORMAN, its young author, is a doctor of philosophic logic who has read little fantasy but has found that he likes to write in the GENRE because, as with many others, if frees him to explore new ideas, to relax in a world of his own creating, a world of action and high adventure, a world of courage and cruelty, of passion and alien custom.

This is the magnificent world of Gor, a planet as strangely populated, as threatening, as beautiful as any you are likely to encounter in the great works of fiction. We predict that the name of John Norman will one day be known among the best. This is the beginning. Don't miss it.

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