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Imaginative Sex - Fifth Printing

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Copyright 1974 by John Norman

Published by DAW Books, Inc., New York
DAW Books = SF UJ1146
Fifth Printing - year ()

EAN 978-0-87997-146-5 | ISBN 0-87997-146-0

Format: Paperback | (eBook) | (Current)

US 1.95 | 272 pages
Coverart by One Plus One Studio

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Scanned by: Jon Ard (Morgus) (20100612 0:19:00)


John Norman, author of the GOR novels, presents a startling new approach to sexual fulfillment with 53 detailed scenarios for sensual fantasies and a revolutionary new guide to male-female relations.

The imagination has not yet been sexually liberated. Its liberation is the object of this book...

Imagination is almost totally neglected in the area of sex. Indeed, it is even suspect. To the repair of that tragedy this book is addressed.

Much in this book is new, but much is not. For example, I am certainly not the first to suggest the application of imagination and intelligence to sexual relationships. I am not the first to sense the exiting role which fantasy can play in intensifying and increasing and multiplying the gratifications of sexual congress. Others, too, have seen the importance of intelligence, of imagination and fantasy. Generally, however, they have feared to speak out plainly.

I am sure that many couples, in the secrecy of their love, have practiced the sweet dramatic arts of which I shall write. That these arts should now be made manifest and their legitimacy explained and argued, defended and set in a total human context, a scientific, psychological and personal context, is perhaps the most revolutionary thing in this book. The revolutionary act is to speak with clearness and in detail, to enunciate and explain imaginative sex with force and fullness.

We must now proceed to do so.
John Norman - Imaginative Sex.

The text 'Printed in the U.S.A.' appears on page iv.

References to other books are made one of the first pages:

JOHN NORMAN is the author of the bestselling series of novels about Tarl Cabot on Earth's orbital counterpart, the planet called Gor. He is also a full professor in a large East Coast university. He has a doctorate in philosophy having earned a Ph.D. in philosophy at Princeton University and has completed various doctoral studies at the University of Southern California in ancient history.

DAW Books are the publishers of the following John Norman novels:

UW1102  1.50  Hunters of Gor
UW1160  1.50  Marauders of Gor
UJ1322  1.95  Time Slave
UE1296  1.75  Tribesmen of Gor
UJ1285  1.95  Slave Girl of Gor
DAW Books are represented by the publisher of Signet and Mentor Books, The New American Library, Inc., P.O. Box 999, Bergenfield, New Jersey 07621.

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Liberation of the Sexual Imagination...

is the next step to the complete achievement of sexual harmony. For sexual fantasy is the engine that provides the energy for the success of male-female relations.

Now the author of the famous GOR novels, philosopher and historian John Norman, presents his revolutionary new guide to the advancement of your sexual fantasies - fifty-three bedroom scenarios and recipes for pleasure that will expand your own sexual horizons and bring fulfillment where other less imaginative discussions have fallen short.

A sampling of John Norman's outlines include: The Capture-in-the-Dark Fantasy, The Rites-of-Submission Fantasy, The Captured-by-Pirates Fantasy, The Male-Slave-of-the-Imperious-Queen Fantasy, The Helpless-Maid Fantasy, The I-Am-His-Slave-Girl Fantasy, The Husband-and-Wife Fantasy, The I-Am-a-Love-Price Fantasy, The Common-Chain Fantasy, The Wife-as-Pickup Fantasy.

Plus some of the most inventive commentaries that none other than the science-fictional imagination of the author of HUNTERS OF GOR could have have dared project.

- Never Before in Paperback -

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Imaginative Sex - DAW Edition - Fifth Printing - year   Imaginative Sex - DAW Edition - Fifth Printing - year   Imaginative Sex - DAW Edition - Fifth Printing - year   Imaginative Sex - DAW Edition - Fifth Printing - year   Imaginative Sex - DAW Edition - Fifth Printing - year  
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