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Book Cover Slide Show

(Published on Saturday, April 6, 2013)

When we announced the upcoming release of the E-Reads Ultimate Edition on Saturday, March 9, 2013 (here), we promised to show you a complete gallery of the entire series of new covers, because, first of all, this is a pretty unusual, perhaps, even unique event, when a publisher rereleases a series of 32 books with brand new artwork, just because the fans seemed to have some problems with the earlier covers, but also, secondly, because we were allowed to witness the development of these covers, and we feel that this is really the first set of Gor covers *ever* to honestly and acurately depict both the harshness as well as the beauty and the wonder of the Gorean alternate reality. In honor of that accomplishment, we will, from now on, refer to it only as "The Ultimate Edition"!

So how does one show the beauty and the spendor of all these covers?

Surely, a simple gallery of thumbnails would not be enough!

Therefor, The Complete John Norman proudly presents the Cover Browser, a CJN Exclusive feature, a first on the Internet, as far as we know, which allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy an automated slide show of high resolution images of both the front and back covers of the entire new series.

You can enter the Cover Browser here, or you could click on any of the small covers on the home page. The book pages for the E-Reads Ultimate Edition also have a link to enter the Cover Browser. Within the Cover Browser, you can click on the front cover (or the Next link), to see the next book in the series, or click on the back cover (or the Previous link), to see the previous book. Use the Book link to see the bibliographical data for the book currently being displayed. If you don't touch your keyboard, after ten seconds, the screen is automatically refreshed to show the next cover in the series.

Have fun!

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