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Book #33 has been written!

(Published on Tuesday, April 2, 2013)

How does one write a book?

Some authors use charts or diagrams, some create outlines or story boards, others rewrite it a zillion times, but only a few authors dare to simply wait until a story emerges, and when the time is right, they simply put their hands above a keyboard, and allow that story to flow onto the paper or the screen. If curiosity is the father of all creativity, patience might well be its mother.

This kind of organic writing, as John Norman once described it, does have a significant benefit. When the water breaks, the newborns cry is bound to follow, and when John Norman, only a few month ago, by the end of January, 2013, informed us that book 33 of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth was, indeed, being written, we knew, for sure, that the book itself was on its way. The author didn't disappoint us.

So what can we tell you about this new tale?

That it has 62 chapters, and that all the chapters are titled? That it has 203.484 words, ordered into 10.890 paragraphs, which will probably fill approximately 544 pages?

No, let's forget about the details. This is what matters:

The title of Volume 33 of the Gor Series is REBELS OF GOR, and its main protagonist is Tarl Cabot san; former teacher of English history at a liberal arts college for men in New Hampshire, former Tarl of Bristol, Tarnsman of Gor; now a mere mercenary, in the service of the mighty Lord Yamada, but perhaps, or surely, a pawn, or one of the pawns, in a game between two gambling alien species - the bestial, imperialistic, predatory Kurii and the retiring, secretive Priest-Kings. At World's End, the fight between Devils and Gods will cast the dice of fortune, and determine the fate of Gor and that of Earth, as well. Alas, the dice are men.

Rebels of Gor is scheduled to be published during the second half of 2013, hopefully by the end of summer or early fall.

Check back next week when we hope to have a complete overview of the new Ultimate Edition!

UPDATE - just an hour ago, E-Reads informed us that "new covers going up but aren't displayed at all retailers yet. Expect them all to show up soon. Be patient!"

A first gallery of new covers is available at E-Reads.

We were also asked to "let fans know that if they click on a title and find the old cover, don't buy it, but keep visiting until we've swapped the old covers and content (new jacket copy). This should take place in the next week or two, including print editions."

Finally, E-Reads is putting finishing touches on four posters! More about those next week...

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