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Savages of Gor - Second American Printing

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The Seventeenth Book Of The Tarl Cabot Saga
Copyright 1982 by John Norman

Published by DAW Books, Inc., New York
DAW Books = SF No. 472 (UE1715)
Second American Printing - 1984 (estimated)

EAN 978-0-87997-715-3 | ISBN 0-87997-715-9

Format: Paperback | (eBook) | (Audio Book) | (Current)
  English   German
US 3.50 | 335 pages
Coverart by Ken W. Kelly

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The scans are mine, so is the book.

The text 'Published by the New American Library of Canada Limited" appears on page iii. The text 'Printed in Canada - Cover printed in U.S.A.' appears on page iv.

References to other books are made on the last page:

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With over three million copies of DAW's John Norman books in print, there enthralling novels are in constant demand. They combine heroic adventure, interplanetary peril, and the in-depth depiction of Earth's counter-orbital twin with a special talent all of their own.

But be warned - they are addictive!

DAW Books are represented by the publisher of Signet and Mentor Books, THE NEW AMERICAN LIBRARY, INC.

The New American Library, inc.
P.O. Box 999, Bergenfield, New Jersey 07621

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Savages of Gor

The Kur came to Port Kar! Two of the terrible space beasts came to make Tarl Cabot an offer. They, a death-squad, sought the renegade Kur commander, the great Half-Ear, whom Tarl had once battled in the Far North.

But Tarl refused their offer, for Half-Ear was more valuable to the Priest-Kings alive than to the Kur dead. And now he knew it was imperative for him to save that monster from the doom that would fast overtake him.

This meant venturing into the forbidden Barrens of Gor - a vast land of plains and prairies whose cruel masters were tribes of savage red riders and where civilized men were always prey and their women mere trophies of the hunt!

Tarl Cabot returns in one of his greatest adventures.

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Savages of Gor - DAW Edition - Second American Printing - 1984  
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