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Vagabonds of Gor - Second Printing

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The 24th Book Of The Tarl Cabot Saga
Copyright 1986 by John Norman

Published by DAW Books, Inc., New York
DAW No. 701 (88677-UE2188)
Second Printing - 1988 (Printed in Canada)

EAN 978-0-88677-188-1 | ISBN 0-88677-188-9

Format: Paperback | (eBook) | (Current)
  English   German
US 3.95 | 444 pages
Coverart by Ken W. Kelly

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On December, 28th, 2000, I found the first reference to the First Canadian Printing of Vagabonds of Gor at AbeBooks.Com.I also found a front cover of the First Canadian Printing, and some references to a Second Printing.

In September, 2012, Jon noticed that we didn't have any Second Printings of the DAW Edition, but we did have First Canadian Printings of almost all of them. ISFDB verified that "DAW used 2nd printings for their trade paperbacks and [...] if you see a reported '2nd printing' in a dealer listing for a DAW paperback published before the year 2000 it's almost always a Canadian edition." Hence, in October, 2012, I removed the First Canadian Printing and moved its front cover to this page.

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Vagabonds of Gor

As treachery and betrayal become the prime weapons in the war between Ar and Cos, Tarl Cabot is trapped in the siege of Ar's Station. And when Ar's Station falls to the warriors of Cos, it is only with the aid of the loyal Vosk League, that Tarl and other survivors make their escape from the defeated port.

But with the forces of Cos now readying to continue on their devastating march of conquest, Tarl must go undercover as a spy within the enemy camp, hoping to discover their plans and send word to Ar's army before it is too late...

In Vagabonds of Gor, Tarl Cabot faces perhaps his greatest challenge of all, as he is caught up in the myriad dangers and intrigue of two mighty powers at war!

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Vagabonds of Gor - DAW Edition - Second Printing - 1988  
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