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I hope you like this! - John Norman. Click to see 'What is this website all about?' Welcome to The Complete John Norman, a bibliography of John Frederick Lange, Jr., also known as John Norman.

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TopBreaking News - Rebels of Gor Is Coming

Rebels of Gor - click to see the book

John Norman's publisher, Mr. Richard Curtis, has just confirmed to us that Volume 33 of The Chronicles of Counter-Earth, entitled Rebels of Gor, will be available in every conceivable format within the next three or four weeks.

For those who have a hard time waiting for it, here are a few appitizers.

Course 1 - a personal teaser...

"Your thoughts?", he asked.

"It's amazing," I replied, "awesome, strange, unexpected, unconventional, complex, twisting and turning, mystifying, unsettling, haunting even, confrontational, controversial, perhaps, and, yet...".

"What?", he insisted.

"Light-footed," I continued, "humorous, romantic, captivating, daring, or courageous, wild, surprising, exhilarating, adventurous, detailed, and also, to be sure, answering half a century old questions. I love it."

"That good?" There was doubt in his voice.

"Absolutely." There was none in mine.

"I'd better read it, then.", he concluded.

"Indeed." I agreed.

"What's it called?" said he.

"Rebels of Gor." said I.

Course 2 - the official teaser...

John Norman takes you on a journey to "World's End," a set of once-unknown islands far west of the continental mainland. Lying across vast, turbulent Thassa, these mysterious islands were reached for the first time during the historic voyage of the ship of Tersites. Now this remote locale has been chosen by two warring, technologically advanced species -- the bestial, imperialistic, predatory Kurii, and the retiring, secretive Priest-Kings, the "gods of Gor." On this all-too-real "gaming board," a roll of the dice will determine the fortunes and fate of Gor -- and perhaps that of Earth. Few realize the momentous nature of the conflict, seeing in it no more than a local war for territory and power. Those who grasp the dimensions of the game realize that the stakes are nothing less than the world itself.

Course 3 - read the sample First Chapter.

Keep an eye on the E-Reads webpage for Rebels of Gor (here) for more information about availability and such.

TopMore Breaking News - Yet Another Book

As many visitors will surely known we have some very reliable sources who regularly inform us about John Norman's current wellbeing and activities, but when the following rumor reached us, we really had a hard time believing it to be accurate; however, after confirmation, we are both proud and delighted to share with you the following *exclusive* announcement:

John Norman is currently working on yet another book.

No, not another installment of the Chronicles of Counter-Earth (not yet, anyway)...

No, not another collection of short stories like Norman Invasions...

No, not another seperate novel like Time Slave...

John Norman is currently working on the fourth installment of The Telnerian Histories!

And we can also tell you the title - look for it here.

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TopLatest News

To John Norman
Ultimate Edition Fully Available
New Gorean Merchandise
Book Cover Slide Show
Book #33 has been written!
Monday, June 3, 2013 - Celebrating his eighty-second birthday
Monday, April 22, 2013 - Ultimate Edition Fully Available (and cheaper than ever!)
Saturday, April 6, 2013 - Ultimate Edition Artwork Now Available As Posters
Saturday, April 6, 2013 - Introducing the CJN Exclusive Cover Browser
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - John Norman has just finished yet another book!

TopWhat's New?

Regular visitors might have noted that there have been very few updates over the last couple of month; in fact, while I did remove a few things, the last real update was dated April 22, almost five month ago. Here's what happened.

In early May, I started a major database overhaul in order to add new functionality to our Book pages. I also added a new Help, to show you all the new features. While I was testing all of this, my eyes started to fail. This has happened before, and it usually takes a few weeks to recover; this time, however, it took almost eight weeks, and when the world finally returned, I ran into the next problem, as my kidneys stopped working. I spend a couple of weeks in the hospital, received some new internal tubes, was released, got a very high fever, was re-admitted, and, to make a long story short, I have spend most of this summer in bed, either at home or elsewhere.

I am feeling a bit better, right now, but still I have to take it very slowly, and allow for several month to recuperate completely. Anyway, I am terribly behind with my e-mail, I hope to pick that up again shortly, and I still want to add a lot of things to this website, but it will take a little more time then I had expected. To all of you out there who know me (a little): bare with me, have some patience, I'll be back!

TopWhat is this website all about?

John Norman - click to see 'A Welcome for the Chronicles of Gor'

There are literally thousands of Gorean websites on the Internet. Community websites for fans, role-players and lifestylers; websites with quotes, websites for Kajira training, websites for Second Life groups; personal websites, art websites, fan fiction websites (even though John Norman doesn't like those), and even websites for people who hate the Gor series; but there is only one Complete John Norman.

This website, you see, is about the author and his books.

Here, you will find background information about every edition, every translation, and even every printing of each and every book, together with all the interviews, book introductions, public and private letters, reviews and even some short stories. Over a thousand front and back covers; copyright pages, front and interior artwork; news about the present and the future, and images and comic art from the past. If you want to know the truth about John Norman and his Gor series, this is where you'll find it.

If you never visited this website before, start by looking at the Gallery. It might take a while to load, but I promise, you'll be amazed.

This website could just as well be called "The Illustrated John Norman", as it contains nearly 3.000 images. Please note that all of the images on this website are used as links; either to another page within the website, were one can find additional information, or to the largest version of the image in our image library. In the book pages these largest images can be accessed through links below the bibliographic data.

Have fun, and take care,

TopWho is John Norman?

John Norman - click to enlarge

The writer behind the John Norman pseudonym, Dr. John Frederick Lange, Jr., is an American, born in Chicago, Illinois on the third of June, 1931, son of John Frederick Lange and Almyra D. Taylor-Lange. He married Bernice L. Green on the fourteenth of January, 1956 and he has three children, two boys, John and David, and a girl, Jennifer. He is now 81 years old.

At the age of twenty-two, in 1953, the author received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska, four years later, in 1957, a Master of Arts from the University of Southern California and in 1963 a Ph.D. from Princeton University with a 149 page dissertation entitled In Defence of Ethical Naturalism: An Examination of Certain Aspects of the Naturalistic Fallacy, With Particular Attention to the Logic of an Open Question Argument".

John Norman - click to enlarge

He is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Queens College of the City University of New York, in Flushing, New York, where he specializes in the areas of epistemology, logic, and innovational conceptualization. He has worked, at one time or another, either part-time or full-time, as a radio announcer and writer for KOLN, Lincoln, Nebraska; a film writer for the University of Nebraska; and a story analyst for Warner Brothers Motion Pictures, Inc., in Burbank, California. He has also worked as a technical editor and special materials writer for Rocketdyne, a Division of North American Aviation, Inc., specializing in the production of rocket engines.

His first professional sale was a radio script to a station in Lincoln, Nebraska, when he was in high school, or somewhere thereabouts. Dr. Lange has published several scholarly works, including The Cognitivity Paradox: An Inquiry Concerning the Claims of Philosophy", The Philosophy of Historiography, Philosophy and the Challenge of the Future and Values and Imperatives: Studies in Ethics", by C.I. Lewis, which he edited.

Under the pseudonym, John Norman, Dr. Lange has published a number of popular works, among which are the 32 Gorean books, three installments of the Telnarian Histories; The Chieftain, The Captain and The King; three other fiction works, Ghost Dance, Time Slave and The Totems of Abydos, a nonfiction paperback entitled Imaginative Sex, and a collection of short stories entitled Norman Invasions. He is a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America and the American Philosophical Association.

TopWhat are The Chronicles of Counter-Earth?

John Norman - click to see 'Millenium Philcon'

The million selling Gor series started in December, 1966 with Tarnsman of Gor and continued, for nearly twenty-two years, in regular intervals, a new adventure every year, until the autumn of 1988, when the 26th installment of the Gor series, Witness of Gor, was refused by Normans publisher DAW. Between 1991 and 1993, Norman managed to publish three volumes of his Telnarian Histories, but after his editor was replaced, Warner Books cancelled the series. In the eyes of the publishing establishment, John Norman had become persona-non-grata.

In 1996, Richard Kasak, publisher of Badboy, Hard Candy and Rhinoceros, republished the first ten Gor books and Imaginative sex, before going bankrupt in 1998. During the same period, Vision Entertainment aimed to develop an illustrated, 64-page, graphic Gor Magazine, a sister magazine to Heavy Metal, with the first book to be adapted, the 22nd in the series, Dancer of Gor, expected to hit newsstands in early 1998. In mid-1997, production was well under way, the first two issues had almost been fully completed, and the Gor world bible had been done, showcasing everything from architecture to animals to the garmenture of each caste. Then Vision Entertainment was dealt a severe blow by the sudden withdrawal of Random House from the planned marketing and distribution partnership. Many of Vision's employees were laid off on Christmas, 1997, and the Gor Magazine was canceled.

But the fans of the series did not surrender. In January 2001, E-Reads, in cooperation with New World Publishers, brought John Norman back in print again. The author had revised his entire series, 25 volumes at that time, and was eager to publish the 26th installment, Witness of Gor, which had been largely ready and waiting since 1990. After Tarnsman of Gor and Outlaw of Gor in January followed Priest-Kings of Gor and Nomads of Gor in August, 2001, and on August 16, 2002, the long-awaited Witness of Gor was finaly released. Tarnsman and Outlaw were also published by Wildside Press.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Gorean Saga, E-Reads decided to reprint the entire series, and in June 2007, all 26 Gor books were republished, together with reprints of Imaginative Sex, The Chieftain, The Captain and The King. That same year, a scheduled budget reprint by Dark Horse was canceled. In November 2008, Prize of Gor followed. In August 2009, E-Reads published a new collection of short stories by John Norman, entitled Norman Invasions, and in November 2009, Kur of Gor was published. The next book in the series, Swordsmen of Gor, was published in November, 2010. In 2011, E-Reads republished Ghost Dance and Time Slave, together with Mariners of Gor; and in 2012 they released The Totems of Abydos and Conspirators of Gor. In September, 2012, E-Reads released the 32nd Gor novel, Smugglers of Gor.

E-Reads Ultimate Edition - click to browse covers

In March 2013, E-Reads responded to the requests of many fans for more diverse and appropriate coverart by republishing the entire Gor series with new, stunningly beautiful artwork by the talented Shefali Randeria, founder of Cirque-Studios in India. E-Reads also announced that Volume 33 of the Gor series, Rebels of Gor, is scheduled for early fall 2013.

TopThe Ultimate Edition

This is what Gor was meant to look like! The Complete John Norman proudly presents: The E-Reads Ultimate Edition.
Click on any cover to enter the CJN Exclusive Cover Browser, sit back, and enjoy the show...

Tarnsman of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Outlaw of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Priest-Kings of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Nomads of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Assassin of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Raiders of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Captive of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Hunters of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Marauders of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Tribesmen of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Slave Girl of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Beasts of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Explorers of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Fighting Slave of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Rogue of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Guardsman of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Savages of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Blood Brothers of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Kajira of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Players of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Mercenaries of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Dancer of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Renegades of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Vagabonds of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Magicians of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Witness of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Prize of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Kur of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Swordsmen of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Mariners of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Conspirators of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers Smugglers of Gor - E-Reads Ultimate Edition - Click to browse covers

TopDesign and such

Enjoy! - John Norman. Click to see 'What's New?'

You might find the site's design rather dull, and, perhaps, somewhat oldfashioned, and if you do so, I agree. To be sure, I don't care much for design, for every modern browser allows its user to determine backgrounds, fonts, sizes and colors, and to override the website's preferences, so if you don't like my green on black, you can change it to whatever you like. Also, I am getting completely nuts by all those screaming flash video's, pages covered with Google Ads, Facebook "Like" buttons and all the other crap. This website is text and images only. If you don't like it, bad luck. On the other hand, if your computer is 15 years old, you can still enjoy this site. In any case, this is my website, and I like it this way. Plain and simple.

TopDevelopment Edition

This is the Development Edition of The Complete John Norman. This website is currently a work in progress. Its sole purpose is to allow the project members and potential contributors to work together in creating a detailed and comprehensive overview of John Norman's publication history. Before this work is published, either online or in print, some copyright issues will probably need to be resolved. However, during the development of this project, and with the fair use doctrine in mind, I believe, such copyright restrictions do not apply, and project members and contributors should be able to freely share their knowledge and material.

Still, If you believe your copyright is violated by this website, please contact us, and we will immediately remove the offending material.

TopYou can help!

We still need to get scans of many front and back covers, and with almost a thousand entries in our database, there is a lot of information that still needs to be added. If you spot an error, if you can supply some missing piece of information, or scans that we don't have, or, if have some books or printings that we don't know about, then please, write us an email, and help us to improve this website. Future visitors will most certainly be grateful for it.

If you ever wrote a letter to John Norman, and you received an answer, your story is most certainly worth sharing. See our invitation and our new sub-section in Articles, entitled Fan Mail.

TopJon's Bookshop

Jon's Gor Bookshop - click to enter This is NOT a commercial website. We have pretty good contacts with the author, his literary agent and his publisher, but we operate totally independent. In fact, I have removed almost all links to other websites. If you can find this website, you most certainly can find the right places to buy a book or two.

There is, however, one exception I'd like to make.

My good friend Jon Ard, who is responsible for almost a thousand high resolution cover scans on which this website is based, probably has the largest collection of Gor books in the world. For some titles, he has, literally, hundreds of copies. Like his illustrious predecessor, Forrest J. Ackerman, he is running out of storage space, so he has decided to sell off a small part of his collection, and for this purpose, he has created a Gor books webshop. It can be accessed by clicking on the logo or using this link: http://www.gorbooks.com. If you're searching for a first edition, or a good later printing of the original Ballantine and DAW titles, Jon's Bookshop is the place to go!

TopSite Statistics

Current version: For more details, see Version History.

  • 970 Front Covers
  • 462 Back Covers
  • 333 Copyright Pages
  • 99 Interior Illustrations
  • 137 Missing Front Covers
  • 645 Missing Back Covers
  • 774 Missing Copyright Pages

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